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Substantial shore facilities have been established to provide CRFC customers the highest quality, most consistent supplies and most effective transport and distribution channels.

The Iluka Depot is the main hub of the CRFC and is located on
the bank of the Clarence River near the entrance to the Pacific
Ocean. This location allows our members, all commercial fishers,
to directly unload fresh catch from the vessel to our factory for
processing and packaging.



Wholesale orders are dispatched from the CRFC Iluka Depot
where we have extensive processing facilities (ie filleting and
packaging). Our internal administration department is based
at the CRFC Maclean Depot, however product from our river
fleet is also received at this depot. See below our road transport




Accreditation and Certificates


The CRFC has in place stringent internal and external control
measures to ensure our seafood products maintain quality
and freshness from the moment they are caught on board
our member’s boats to the moment they are delivered to our

All our members hold NSW Safefood Licenses. Members
who supply whole whiting for our export market also have an
additional certification as an ‘Approved Supplier’ for our HACCP,
Woolworths and AQIS certifications.

Both CRFC depots located at Iluka and Maclean are licensed
under the HACC P System Certification to conduct the following
activities – for the receival, processing, storage and distribution
of chilled and frozen seafood. The HACC P Australia Food Safety
Accreditation provides a recognised endorsement of food safety
excellence across the food industry. This endorsement offers
assurance to the stringent food safety program undertaken at
Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-operative facilities.

Our export facilities at Iluka are also registered with the
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Australian)


Quarantine and Inspection Service or AQIS ) to conduct the
following activities – production, processing, packing, freezing,
storing of products to be exported.

The CRFC has been certified under the Woolworths Quality
Assurance (WQS) Standard for the following products – seafood
crustacean cooked fresh, seafood crustaceans cooked frozen,
seafood crustaceans raw frozen, seafood fresh fish fillet, seafood
frozen fish fillet.

Under the NSW Food Authority the CRFC is licensed and
complies with the Food Standards Code, implements, maintains
and complies with a Food Safety Program adhering to HACC P.
CRFC transport vehicles are also licensed and comply with the
Food Standards Code.

The CRFC is a Registered Fish Receiver (Iluka/Maclean) as
licensed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and holds
a Fish Receiver Permit as provided by the Australian Fisheries
Management Authority (Iluka/Maclean).












Boat Moorings

images courtesy of Clarence River Tourism




The CRFC has boat mooring facilities at Iluka and Yamba. The
facilities are available to both professional and recreational boat
owners. All moorings must comply with our insurance policy
and fees generally include insurance cover under our discounted policy, unless alternative insurance certification is provided. The moorings allow for reasonable use of power and water facilities.

Our mooring fees are competitively priced and represent
value on the current cost scale for vessel mooring in NSW and
QLD. Contact our moorings officer to discuss your mooring

Marine Chandlery


The Maclean CRFC Marine Chandlery has an extensive stock of
fishing and boating hardware to suit a range of needs whether you are a professional or recreational fisher. Our staff have decades of knowledge on equipment and local fishing conditions.
Fuel can also be purchased from the Chandlery shop where you
will find competitive fuel prices on unleaded and diesel.

Just some of the items you will find at our Marine Chandlery –
- wet weather clothes
- ropes and assortment of wires

- navigation equipment
- torches
- lures, netting, batteries, bolts, sandpaper, plumbing
supplies, trailer lamps, life jackets and much more.
Visit our store located at 51-55 River St Maclean or contact the Marine Chandlery on;

(02) 66450 910, fax (02) 66455 050 or email an enquiry to chandlery@crfc.com.au.